Strollen Admin
March 24, 2017

Hello Strollers,

Thank you for providing feedback. On behalf of the entire Strollen team; we want you to know, we appreciate you and your efforts so much. We can’t change social media without you. Below you will find a short ┬álist of expectation. Above all we ask that you “live a life worth being admired.”

  1. Upload content
  2. View the content of others
  3. Push buttons randomly
  4. Report content for removal immediately
  5. Be respectful to others
    • Conduct yourself as if you parents are copied on your content
  6. Provide feedback to Strollen
  7. Praise Strollen success on social media
    • Sure, you may be the only one with access but that makes you even more special
  8. If you don’t want you content in the commercial and advertising let us know
    • If any of your content is selected you will be contacted and compensated
  9. Find reasons to make Strollen your favorite app