We are in the beta phase of our development, with 100,000 Android mobile users and  a growing amount of Apple mobile users suggesting new and excited features, we are excited to see what Strollen becomes to you. Yes, that’s correct Strollen has chosen to base the platform structure on mobile users like yourself, don’t worry the website will be optimized above the mobile platform. So you can spend your time living a life worth showing, as suppose to sitting and watch others perform… Until the beta phase is complete this web address will serve the function of presenting; the Strollen blog, so that you are updated on the development of new features, the social media portal where you can see all comments and remarks across all social media sites, and test your opinion on advertisement placement. So stay awhile get familiar with Strollen, you’re guaranteed to fall in love.

Strollen is a German word that means, walk in a leisurely way.
Now you know what Strollen means

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