San Francisco CA

Strollen Admin
July 19, 2017

The Uber drive suggest after my meeting that I go to the newly opened art museum. I am wearing very comfortable #Cole Haan shoes, silver and yellow matching my slack and shirt. An Arizona resident, I never think about walking a few blocks during the summer daylight. However, when in Rome, so Cole Haan and I walked. San Francisco, is a city mixed with divers residence and tourist. It’s “Summer Time,” and I have seen attractive women (failing to compare to my wife Ztunner) wearing peacoats and knee high boots, while others are in a dark summer dress. I admit the mix is intoxicating. Strollen event calendar had me outfitted for the change in weather and swagger.Lunch is here now… We will talk soon. In the meantime enjoy my view from the 18th floor.


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