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Strollen is a social media platform, combined with a film and commercial casting firm. Strollen user take selfies and link the content to the product; in order to get paid. Strollen casting partners use the user data to discover talent for on screen and on camera production Strollen charges no fee to the basic user for the above service.
A lot, first and most attractive you can make money from having 1 view of your image. With i.g. you need a following before your even noticed by major brands, and even than your not making money, your being compensated in different ways that benefit the brand while i.g. benefits financially. With i.g. you are the product. With Strollen you are the brand; you’re a business.
Yes, but the processing and fulfillment should be done with your chosen distribution center. Strollen content, is commercial. We host the commercial media that drives sells.
Strollen, is the advertisement that drives product sells. Users are the commercial talent used to sell products available on Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, etc.. Products are featured on Strollen, you can search for images of products on Strollen and request feedback and review from the owner of the content. If you want to purchase the product we suggest you use the Affiliate link attached to the images of the user that provide your assistance. It's your way of compensating the users for helping you make the purchase. One day you might be the users who image and review help drive sell via your own affiliate link.
Complete the signup processing. Once you have completed the forms; Strollen will begin matching your activities with commercial accounts. One image can be bought several times if you list all the garments your wearing and the content itself is a marketable image.
Strollen and its partners will only buy images that you would see while shopping in an indoor plaza.
Yes; but why. You have an opportunity to make a living for taking selfies. You should take advantage of this opportunity.
Yes, be sure to select the private selection during the upload process.
Yes; there are two ways you can. You can link images to your site, or you can have your content placed Into to the Strollen product database.
The Strollen industry account allows you to buy the selfies of other Strollen users. It also allows you to search for images containing your product. A third benefit is, you can search for potential customers by their physical design.
The Strollen basic account can post and sell images, build their online closet and garage, link to products vote on the images of others, be selected to appear as an extra in commercial media or film.
The benefit is for the Strollen user. The casting directors can search for specific details they want to place in front of the camera. Only Strollen users who have completed the profile and casting form can be selected and or discovered.
With access to Strollen database you can better plan the sizing of your product and the distribution of products. You can target specific users for product giveaways and or Influencer agreements. You can host your product catalog on our server, so that clients can search for your product by their own sizing.
No, Strollen has attorneys on staff to protect and negotiate your interests. By default all users without current representation are clients of Strollen casting; we encourage you to contact Strollen as you would any other agent.
Yes, we suggest you monetize all of the images you upload as soon as possible, however it is not mandatory that it is all done at once. A couple points to add: If you build your closet in Strollen, you can select what your wearing from your own wardrobe or garage, and the monetized information will be placed automatically. Second, if you want your image to be used for commercial purposes, our lawyers need the manufacture and or designer information to perform the rights clearance process.
No. you don't have to pay for such account. Currently as of today you can get a free Affiliate account with Amazon.
No. You can get a free account through our agreement with Amazon.
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