3rd party login

Strollen Admin
May 19, 2017

It’s almost here. The ability to login using #Facebook and #Google, will be in the next beta release.

$1,080,000 an hour for Selfie artist

Strollen Admin
May 11, 2017

Below, you will see my response to a reporter a few hours ago. The Strollen team and I are traveling. We just flew out of beautiful Ohio, and are now are in gorgeous Georgia.

Let me clarify the heading of this article/ post if the average selfie takes 2- seconds to capture, and you take 30 marketable selfies a minute, and we find buyers for all of those selfies, then you will earn #1,080,000 US dollars

Hello Reporter,

Strollen was built out of necessity. In my closet, I have three red long sleeve shirts almost identical. My wife takes so many beautiful selfies, they should be hanging behind velvet ropes. So why not combine our two issue and present(offer) the solution to the world. Strollen post production will track your closet and garage gear, and you may get paid for it. At Strollen we tell, you up front “You’re the product.” So, let’s get you paid for your efforts. Recently a beta tester snapped a two-second selfie and was rewarded $6,000 US dollar. “2 seconds” that’s $1,080,000 an hour. The client was appropriately dressed, captured demonstrating decent conduct, at Strollen we call this marketable. How many Marketable selfies do you have in your phone now? Have you ever wished you could make money taking selfies?


Zaki Shakir


Using Strollen. How to, (Part 2) day 2

Strollen Admin
May 3, 2017

24.1-48 hours (Saturday midmorning)

  1. Awake, check my Strollen count from last night
  2. Check the Strollen events of my friends and the local area
  3. Make breakfast, take candid pictures with my favorite brands
  4. Eat breakfast while uploading candid brand pictures.
  5. Read all the industry comments on my images
  6. Agree to brand publication contract via Strollen’s legal protection
  7. Tweet and FB, the potential that my pictures may be used in national publication
  8. Revisit the Strollen events for today and confirm my participation
  9. Create a Strollen event for lunch and my chosen place to go Strollen and be admired
  10. Stroll to the event, be admired and celebrated
  11. Take candid pictures in my #OOTD, with Brand X, product Y
  12. Leave the crowd stunned and amazed as I stroll to my chosen lunch event
  13. Check my Strollen count while eating lunch
  14. Greet the admires that chose to have lunch where they could see and admire me
  15. Stroll to the pedestrian zone where I will be Strollen, being admired while admiring others
  16. Think about going home…

Using Strollen. How to, Part 1, day 1

Strollen Admin
April 5, 2017

Here is part 1 of a typical 72-hour day of a Strollen user. When you’re done reading these, you will understand the power of Strollen, and what Strollen is doing for you.

0-24 hours (Thursday Night)

  1. Check Strollen Event Calendar for my favorite lunch spots
  2. Check Strollen Event calendar for my office; see what the competition is wearing, plan to dominate my selected category (Strollen has over 30 categories for you to shine differently everyday of the month)
  3. Put together my DOMINATING “outfit of the day,” #OOTD
  4. Create a Strollen Event for my chosen lunch spot
  5. Get some sleep, A stroller needs energy, to stroll and be admired
  6. Wake up looking Stunning, capture myself looking “stunning,” while cooking breakfast with product “X” from Brand “Z” as my props, upload the image to the Strollen category, Stunner,”
  7. Put on my dominating #OOTD
  8. Get to the office early so I have time to go Strollen around the building after dominating the commute and the pedestrian zone
  9. Work- Do an assume job because I appreciate my lifestyle; and since I am often Strollen, important people are watching me, I am Rocking this #OOTD
  10. Get to my lunch spot early so my admires can get a great view of my #OOTD, and tap the Strollen on my pictures
  11. Check Strollen Events for happy hour, and opportunities to celebrate being awesome
  12. Stroll back to work taking candid pictures with my favorite brands
  13. Edit and upload my pictures
  14. Work – Do an awesome Job, you know why…
  15. Check Strollen to see what the competition is wearing to my after work event, put together a :Rocking it,” outfit
  16. Dominate, celebrate, be admired
  17. Candid pictures with props
  18. Think about going home…….
Strollen Admin
March 24, 2017

Hello Strollers,

Thank you for providing feedback. On behalf of the entire Strollen team; we want you to know, we appreciate you and your efforts so much. We can’t change social media without you. Below you will find a short  list of expectation. Above all we ask that you “live a life worth being admired.”

  1. Upload content
  2. View the content of others
  3. Push buttons randomly
  4. Report content for removal immediately
  5. Be respectful to others
    • Conduct yourself as if you parents are copied on your content
  6. Provide feedback to Strollen
  7. Praise Strollen success on social media
    • Sure, you may be the only one with access but that makes you even more special
  8. If you don’t want you content in the commercial and advertising let us know
    • If any of your content is selected you will be contacted and compensated
  9. Find reasons to make Strollen your favorite app



Example Pictures

Strollen Admin
March 15, 2017
The Shakir's
The ZB’s and I, after sabbath service.

When you see this picture on the App, or any picture like it you can expect, the make and model of the clothing of the subject, in this case it is I. And the make and model of the product. In this image, the product could be; my wristwatch, my belt, my slacks, my shirt. My daughter and son are wearing very popular necklace, which can also be the product. You list the designer and the model, the manufacture will then have the ability to point out their product. Once a designer/ manufacturer tags your image, you become a product promoter.


Z in the mirror
Z in the mirror



In the picture on the right you can clearly see that I am wearing a dress shirt and black slacks. However that is not all, cufflinks and a wristwatch and a bluetooth headset are on my person. So what’s the Strollen connection. The Strollen service has been designed to tell you what I am wearing and if it is available in your size. YOUR SIZE, and where you can get it. When you have a question about my clothing or the suitcase in front of me; even the mirror on the wall and the frames holding my children’s pictures, Use Strollen to contact me, and I would give you a product review. For the Strollen user, you can browse, admire, comment, shop, and review products in one APP while living an active lifestyle.  Don’t forget when you tell Strollen what you are wearing, the designer then has the option to tag you in marketing publication (YOU will be compensated), and other users in your area can search and discover your content also. Get ready to be very popular in your local area, and.