Having trouble signing up???

Strollen Admin
March 24, 2017

Thanks to beta tester Creative Director, here is the screen capture you would receive if you’re attempting to get access to the beta project without having access via the email address you provided in the beta test application.



  Solution: Login to the play store with the email address provided in the beta test application, ask that Strollen to update the email address you will be using to get access to the play store.








If you can complete the sign-up process, because the “Sign-up,” button is not active.

Solution: You missed one of the sign up steps. Be sure to select a picture, the picture will automatically be uploaded once the form is complete, this is a required step.

Below is an unpolished video to remedy the “Sign Up,” issue.




Check this post often to resolve any issue. If your name appears here, Strollen has added you to the drawing to win a free FLYE card, from Strollen