Marketable Selfi photo examples.

Strollen Admin
June 28, 2017

My wife and I went #Strollen, shopping at an @L_brands store this afternoon, for the obvious reason. I was amazed at all the marketable Selfi material, that is often supplied by us here at via our app. Look at these images from @VictoriaSecret you can find these product in store. #Strollen can tell you if it was designed to fit you.
These pictures of marketable material were captured in the Victoria Secret store, and are owned by the L Brands corporation.
L Brands, Retail company

Profitable Selfies

Strollen Admin
June 21, 2017

When you look at the image in this article, you get a sense of what is a marketable selfi. You will notice that there is no visible product being advertised. If that’s what you’re thinking you would be wrong. Let us introduce you into a lucrative term, “lifestyle branding.” While we can not disclose the compensation, publication professionals will tell you traditional marking material cost between $10,000- 100,000 US dollars, and takes several hours to capture. There should be no wonder why the intelligent marketing professional #LoveStrollen. The more the marketing professional #LoveStrollen, the greater #youropportunities. What are you wating for download the beta version of #Strollen now for Android and iPhone.