Test subject

Strollen Admin
May 29, 2017

Testing the body

Back in Arizona

Strollen Admin
May 25, 2017

Strollen is back home in Arizona.

Thank you America for your hospitality, we had a great trip and appreciate your opinion. We are building the future of social media, you are a big part of that.

3rd party login

Strollen Admin
May 19, 2017

It’s almost here. The ability to login using #Facebook and #Google, will be in the next beta release.


Strollen Admin
May 11, 2017

Hello #Georgia,

Strollen has landed, we are here to #learn, share, be a #blessing and leave you in #peace.



Strollen Admin
May 11, 2017

Thank you Ohio,

We had a wonderful time, we learned a lot and we hope we were a blessing to you.



$1,080,000 an hour for Selfie artist

Strollen Admin
May 11, 2017

Below, you will see my response to a reporter a few hours ago. The Strollen team and I are traveling. We just flew out of beautiful Ohio, and are now are in gorgeous Georgia.

Let me clarify the heading of this article/ post if the average selfie takes 2- seconds to capture, and you take 30 marketable selfies a minute, and we find buyers for all of those selfies, then you will earn #1,080,000 US dollars

Hello Reporter,

Strollen was built out of necessity. In my closet, I have three red long sleeve shirts almost identical. My wife takes so many beautiful selfies, they should be hanging behind velvet ropes. So why not combine our two issue and present(offer) the solution to the world. Strollen post production will track your closet and garage gear, and you may get paid for it. At Strollen we tell, you up front “You’re the product.” So, let’s get you paid for your efforts. Recently a beta tester snapped a two-second selfie and was rewarded $6,000 US dollar. “2 seconds” that’s $1,080,000 an hour. The client was appropriately dressed, captured demonstrating decent conduct, at Strollen we call this marketable. How many Marketable selfies do you have in your phone now? Have you ever wished you could make money taking selfies?


Zaki Shakir


Kickstarter kick-off has begun

Strollen Admin
May 5, 2017
Strollen and kickstarter

Follow this link to: Join/ cheer/ support/ share/ like/ watch/ be amazed, it is going to be epic.

We are going to change social media.

Using Strollen. How to, (Part 2) day 2

Strollen Admin
May 3, 2017

24.1-48 hours (Saturday midmorning)

  1. Awake, check my Strollen count from last night
  2. Check the Strollen events of my friends and the local area
  3. Make breakfast, take candid pictures with my favorite brands
  4. Eat breakfast while uploading candid brand pictures.
  5. Read all the industry comments on my images
  6. Agree to brand publication contract via Strollen’s legal protection
  7. Tweet and FB, the potential that my pictures may be used in national publication
  8. Revisit the Strollen events for today and confirm my participation
  9. Create a Strollen event for lunch and my chosen place to go Strollen and be admired
  10. Stroll to the event, be admired and celebrated
  11. Take candid pictures in my #OOTD, with Brand X, product Y
  12. Leave the crowd stunned and amazed as I stroll to my chosen lunch event
  13. Check my Strollen count while eating lunch
  14. Greet the admires that chose to have lunch where they could see and admire me
  15. Stroll to the pedestrian zone where I will be Strollen, being admired while admiring others
  16. Think about going home…

Kickstarter Campaign

Strollen Admin
May 3, 2017
Strollen and kickstarter

Before Friday you will see a Strollen-Kickstarter launch. While it is estimated that the $2k goal will be easily meet; the objective is to raise awareness. Internally we believe we have the product others are dreaming about protected under US and international laws. While not in desperate need of the $2k we are desperately in need of feedback from excited users; which would raise operational cost. You can help by using the app once a day; in any way you chose. Also spreading the word about the kickstarter campaign.


Strollen and kickstarter
Support the Strollen campaign