Connecting the Physical and Digital Experience

Strollen Admin
April 6, 2017

Strollen, the app designed to connect digital customers with a physical experience based on their metrics. As a shopper and proud consumer, carrying the economies of many nations we Americans require products that add to the value of our lives. In the past we would fill our closets and garage with products that looked better displayed in the store on the manikin. The costly problem with a tight grip around online retailers is the percentage of returns. The only brands benefiting from this growing problem are the package shipping companies, this is evident by Amazon moving into the package delivery business

The Strollen solution efficiently uses available technology. Smartphones are ubiquitous and consumers are willing to give data once, if it means it will greatly benefit their lifestyle 10 times over. Strollen’s IP database allows manufactures and consumers alike to gauge the products success before the item is obtainable. Imagine knowing how a set of golf clubs will fit, how the slacks in the magazine or on the manikin will fit before you physically touch them.

View the Strollen blog and consider applying for a beta tester account, to learn more.

Using Strollen. How to, Part 1, day 1

Strollen Admin
April 5, 2017

Here is part 1 of a typical 72-hour day of a Strollen user. When you’re done reading these, you will understand the power of Strollen, and what Strollen is doing for you.

0-24 hours (Thursday Night)

  1. Check Strollen Event Calendar for my favorite lunch spots
  2. Check Strollen Event calendar for my office; see what the competition is wearing, plan to dominate my selected category (Strollen has over 30 categories for you to shine differently everyday of the month)
  3. Put together my DOMINATING “outfit of the day,” #OOTD
  4. Create a Strollen Event for my chosen lunch spot
  5. Get some sleep, A stroller needs energy, to stroll and be admired
  6. Wake up looking Stunning, capture myself looking “stunning,” while cooking breakfast with product “X” from Brand “Z” as my props, upload the image to the Strollen category, Stunner,”
  7. Put on my dominating #OOTD
  8. Get to the office early so I have time to go Strollen around the building after dominating the commute and the pedestrian zone
  9. Work- Do an assume job because I appreciate my lifestyle; and since I am often Strollen, important people are watching me, I am Rocking this #OOTD
  10. Get to my lunch spot early so my admires can get a great view of my #OOTD, and tap the Strollen on my pictures
  11. Check Strollen Events for happy hour, and opportunities to celebrate being awesome
  12. Stroll back to work taking candid pictures with my favorite brands
  13. Edit and upload my pictures
  14. Work – Do an awesome Job, you know why…
  15. Check Strollen to see what the competition is wearing to my after work event, put together a :Rocking it,” outfit
  16. Dominate, celebrate, be admired
  17. Candid pictures with props
  18. Think about going home…….