Strollen the Net

Strollen Admin
March 26, 2017

We spend hours Strollen the net, if you use the word or # Strollen, we have been to your page. We left you something..

Apple, Strollen app coming soon

Strollen Admin
March 24, 2017

Apple Users,

Your very special Strollen app is close to deployment. Sorry for the wait, it will be worth it. Sign-up to take part in the incentive program.

   Planning an Strollen Event on iOS

Having trouble signing up???

Strollen Admin
March 24, 2017

Thanks to beta tester Creative Director, here is the screen capture you would receive if you’re attempting to get access to the beta project without having access via the email address you provided in the beta test application.



  Solution: Login to the play store with the email address provided in the beta test application, ask that Strollen to update the email address you will be using to get access to the play store.








If you can complete the sign-up process, because the “Sign-up,” button is not active.

Solution: You missed one of the sign up steps. Be sure to select a picture, the picture will automatically be uploaded once the form is complete, this is a required step.

Below is an unpolished video to remedy the “Sign Up,” issue.




Check this post often to resolve any issue. If your name appears here, Strollen has added you to the drawing to win a free FLYE card, from Strollen

Strollen Admin
March 24, 2017

Hello Strollers,

Thank you for providing feedback. On behalf of the entire Strollen team; we want you to know, we appreciate you and your efforts so much. We can’t change social media without you. Below you will find a short  list of expectation. Above all we ask that you “live a life worth being admired.”

  1. Upload content
  2. View the content of others
  3. Push buttons randomly
  4. Report content for removal immediately
  5. Be respectful to others
    • Conduct yourself as if you parents are copied on your content
  6. Provide feedback to Strollen
  7. Praise Strollen success on social media
    • Sure, you may be the only one with access but that makes you even more special
  8. If you don’t want you content in the commercial and advertising let us know
    • If any of your content is selected you will be contacted and compensated
  9. Find reasons to make Strollen your favorite app



Example Pictures

Strollen Admin
March 15, 2017
The Shakir's
The ZB’s and I, after sabbath service.

When you see this picture on the App, or any picture like it you can expect, the make and model of the clothing of the subject, in this case it is I. And the make and model of the product. In this image, the product could be; my wristwatch, my belt, my slacks, my shirt. My daughter and son are wearing very popular necklace, which can also be the product. You list the designer and the model, the manufacture will then have the ability to point out their product. Once a designer/ manufacturer tags your image, you become a product promoter.


Z in the mirror
Z in the mirror



In the picture on the right you can clearly see that I am wearing a dress shirt and black slacks. However that is not all, cufflinks and a wristwatch and a bluetooth headset are on my person. So what’s the Strollen connection. The Strollen service has been designed to tell you what I am wearing and if it is available in your size. YOUR SIZE, and where you can get it. When you have a question about my clothing or the suitcase in front of me; even the mirror on the wall and the frames holding my children’s pictures, Use Strollen to contact me, and I would give you a product review. For the Strollen user, you can browse, admire, comment, shop, and review products in one APP while living an active lifestyle.  Don’t forget when you tell Strollen what you are wearing, the designer then has the option to tag you in marketing publication (YOU will be compensated), and other users in your area can search and discover your content also. Get ready to be very popular in your local area, and.

Coming this week WW11

Strollen Admin
March 10, 2017

Example pictures post.
Connection to social media accounts