$1,080,000 an hour for Selfie artist

Strollen Admin
May 11, 2017

Below, you will see my response to a reporter a few hours ago. The Strollen team and I are traveling. We just flew out of beautiful Ohio, and are now are in gorgeous Georgia.

Let me clarify the heading of this article/ post if the average selfie takes 2- seconds to capture, and you take 30 marketable selfies a minute, and we find buyers for all of those selfies, then you will earn #1,080,000 US dollars

Hello Reporter,

Strollen was built out of necessity. In my closet, I have three red long sleeve shirts almost identical. My wife takes so many beautiful selfies, they should be hanging behind velvet ropes. So why not combine our two issue and present(offer) the solution to the world. Strollen post production will track your closet and garage gear, and you may get paid for it. At Strollen we tell, you up front “You’re the product.” So, let’s get you paid for your efforts. Recently a beta tester snapped a two-second selfie and was rewarded $6,000 US dollar. “2 seconds” that’s $1,080,000 an hour. The client was appropriately dressed, captured demonstrating decent conduct, at Strollen we call this marketable. How many Marketable selfies do you have in your phone now? Have you ever wished you could make money taking selfies?


Zaki Shakir


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