Welcome to Strollen

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February 28, 2017

Welcome to Strollen,

Hello all, welcome. Strollen is the social media product designed for the life of an active user. This is not the site for you to watch other persons live an amazing life. This is the site for you to be seen, celebrated and admired. I will blog more about this in detail later.

2#Uber 4#UA flights, 23 hours of campaign

Strollen Admin
July 20, 2017

Home sweet home, you know that feeling of comfort you get when you get into your own SUV? That’s what Strollen is like. Always Strollen, never out of place. I started Wednesday on Tuesday night. Strollen gave me the weather for San Francisco, and my wife put together an outfit for me complete with sports coat and a hankerchef. United Airlines, provide me with 4 seats to accommodate my long legs and wide shoulders. #Uber placed me in multiple vehicle with adaquit leg space. I found a restaurant not on Strollen, for lunch and had a wonderful meal in a uncomfortable chair. Apparently, I am bigger than their expected customer. All over all, I came, I Strolle(n)d, I was comfortable, just like at home. With the comfort distraction eliminated I did what any smart traveler would do. I focused on the human interaction. So here we go, thanks; Howard, Ben, Keyle, Asian lady, nice couple at the restaurant, Lawanda, @Uber, @United, and of course @mercedesbenz


San Francisco CA

Strollen Admin
July 19, 2017

The Uber drive suggest after my meeting that I go to the newly opened art museum. I am wearing very comfortable #Cole Haan shoes, silver and yellow matching my slack and shirt. An Arizona resident, I never think about walking a few blocks during the summer daylight. However, when in Rome, so Cole Haan and I walked. San Francisco, is a city mixed with divers residence and tourist. It’s “Summer Time,” and I have seen attractive women (failing to compare to my wife Ztunner) wearing peacoats and knee high boots, while others are in a dark summer dress. I admit the mix is intoxicating. Strollen event calendar had me outfitted for the change in weather and swagger.Lunch is here now… We will talk soon. In the meantime enjoy my view from the 18th floor.


Marketable Selfi photo examples.

Strollen Admin
June 28, 2017

My wife and I went #Strollen, shopping at an @L_brands store this afternoon, for the obvious reason. I was amazed at all the marketable Selfi material, that is often supplied by us here at Strollen.com via our app. Look at these images from @VictoriaSecret you can find these product in store. #Strollen can tell you if it was designed to fit you.
These pictures of marketable material were captured in the Victoria Secret store, and are owned by the L Brands corporation.https://goo.gl/search/L+Brands
L Brands, Retail company

Profitable Selfies

Strollen Admin
June 21, 2017

When you look at the image in this article, you get a sense of what is a marketable selfi. You will notice that there is no visible product being advertised. If that’s what you’re thinking you would be wrong. Let us introduce you into a lucrative term, “lifestyle branding.” While we can not disclose the compensation, publication professionals will tell you traditional marking material cost between $10,000- 100,000 US dollars, and takes several hours to capture. There should be no wonder why the intelligent marketing professional #LoveStrollen. The more the marketing professional #LoveStrollen, the greater #youropportunities. What are you wating for download the beta version of #Strollen now for Android and iPhone.



Test subject

Strollen Admin
May 29, 2017

Testing the body

Back in Arizona

Strollen Admin
May 25, 2017

Strollen is back home in Arizona.

Thank you America for your hospitality, we had a great trip and appreciate your opinion. We are building the future of social media, you are a big part of that.

3rd party login

Strollen Admin
May 19, 2017

It’s almost here. The ability to login using #Facebook and #Google, will be in the next beta release.


Strollen Admin
May 11, 2017

Hello #Georgia,

Strollen has landed, we are here to #learn, share, be a #blessing and leave you in #peace.



Strollen Admin
May 11, 2017

Thank you Ohio,

We had a wonderful time, we learned a lot and we hope we were a blessing to you.



$1,080,000 an hour for Selfie artist

Strollen Admin
May 11, 2017

Below, you will see my response to a reporter a few hours ago. The Strollen team and I are traveling. We just flew out of beautiful Ohio, and are now are in gorgeous Georgia.

Let me clarify the heading of this article/ post if the average selfie takes 2- seconds to capture, and you take 30 marketable selfies a minute, and we find buyers for all of those selfies, then you will earn #1,080,000 US dollars

Hello Reporter,

Strollen was built out of necessity. In my closet, I have three red long sleeve shirts almost identical. My wife takes so many beautiful selfies, they should be hanging behind velvet ropes. So why not combine our two issue and present(offer) the solution to the world. Strollen post production will track your closet and garage gear, and you may get paid for it. At Strollen we tell, you up front “You’re the product.” So, let’s get you paid for your efforts. Recently a beta tester snapped a two-second selfie and was rewarded $6,000 US dollar. “2 seconds” that’s $1,080,000 an hour. The client was appropriately dressed, captured demonstrating decent conduct, at Strollen we call this marketable. How many Marketable selfies do you have in your phone now? Have you ever wished you could make money taking selfies?


Zaki Shakir